Credit list - K

Advanced Stage, Advanced Level - July 2017

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
K Jitilon J (5229) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Kad N (3406) London ALCR 
Kakouris M (4542) Nicosia ALSM 
Kalatzidou Melikidou K (4106) Athens alsm ALCR 
Kaldas S (3806) Norwich ALCR ALSM 
Kallupurackal Ninan J (5010) London ALCR ALSM 
Kam M (1559) Cheadle ALCR ALSM 
Kamarudin M.A (5186) Kuala Lumpur ALSM 
Kane J (1341) Newcastle Upon Tyne ALCS ALSM 
Kapadia M.M (4098) Islamabad ALCR 
Kapur V (4133) Dubai ALCR alsm 
Karanicholas S (5274) London ALCR ALSM 
Karia N (5123) London ALCR ALSM 
Karim A (3216) London ALCS alsm 
Karssiens M (5014) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Katkiewicz T (2334) London ALCR ALSM 
Kaur Baluja G (2275) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Kaur K (3248) London ALCR ALSM 
Kavazis K (3827) Limassol ALCR alsm 
Kee R (1922) London ALCR ALSM 
Keeley M (4965) London ALCR ALSM 
Kelly C (5487) London ALSM 
Ken J.T.H (1767) Kuala Lumpur ALCR alsm 
Kendall N (1245) Norwich ALCR ALSM 
Kennedy R (2546) Reading ALCR 
Kennedy R (3822) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Kennedy-Creagh F (3961) Dartford ALCR ALSM 
Kent S (4984) London ALCR ALSM 
Keogh C (2930) London ALCR ALSM 
Kershaw A (2954) Bristol ALCR ALSM 
Key W (5277) London ALSM 
Keys V (3408) Northampton ALCR ALSM 
Khalid H (1760) London ALCR ALSM 
Khalil Ahmed M.U (4888) Karachi ALSM 
Khan H (5453) Hyderabad ALCR 
Khan H (4669) London ALCR ALSM 
Khan H (1744) London ALCR ALSM 
Khan M (3148) St. Albans ALCR ALSM 
Khan M (2696) Sharjah ALCR ALSM 
Khan M (3845) Barnet ALCR ALSM 
Khan O.A (3241) Brighton ALCR ALSM 
Khan R (4440) London ALCR 
Khan S (2444) Luton ALCR ALSM 
Khan S (5570) London ALCR ALSM 
Khan Z (3548) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Khatri A (2901) London ALSM ALCR 
Khatri P (2754) London ALCR ALSM 
Khatun K (3860) London ALCR alsm 
Khatun M.A (4682) Kuala Lumpur ALCR 
Khaw C.P (5296) Kuala Lumpur ALCR 
Khawja A (5524) Dubai ALCR alsm 
Khimasia K (2468) London ALCR ALSM 
Khokhar Z (4495) Glasgow ALCR alsm 
Khushi A (4277) London ALCR ALSM 
Kim J.W (4917) London ALCR ALSM 
Kimmelfield I (5230) Bristol ALCR ALSM 
King R (3590) Crawley ALCR ALSM 
Kingdom A (1288) London ALCR ALSM 
Kirk A (3057) Northampton ALCR ALSM 
Kirk M (1655) Southampton ALCR ALSM 
Kirkbride A (1702) Liverpool ALCR 
Kirkman C (2955) Crawley ALCR ALSM 
Kirkman T (3006) London ALCR ALSM 
Kitchen C (1798) Sheffield ALSM 
Kitchen Z (1327) Lancaster ALCR 
Kitin T (1350) London ALCR ALSM 
Kiyani N (3000) London ALCR ALCS 
Knappett A (5101) Southampton ALCR 
Knight C (5139) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Knox C (1780) London ALCR ALSM 
Knox W (5051) Norwich ALCR ALSM 
Ko C.M (2489) London ALCR ALSM 
Ko G.C.Y (5414) London ALSM 
Kockelbergh S (5256) Leeds ALCR ALSM 
Koh S.Y (5000) Singapore ALCR ALSM 
Kohli A (2467) London ALCR alsm 
Kok J.S (2807) Segamat ALCR ALSM 
Kokotka J (4721) Huntingdon ALCR ALSM 
Kothari B (5250) Bristol ALSM 
Kotterman M (4840) London ALCR ALSM 
Koukkoullis K (2616) Limassol alcr ALCS 
Koumi K (5121) London ALCR ALSM 
Koumides C (5168) Nicosia ALSM 
Koupis I (4406) Limassol ALCR 
Kousoumis A (1694) Bristol ALCR ALSM 
Krishnan M (2831) Dubai ALCR alsm 
Krzeminska P (4975) London ALCR ALSM 
Kucher S (2315) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Kulendran S (3105) London ALSM 
Kumar A (1724) Singapore alcr ALSM 
Kumbhat P (4153) Bur Dubai ALCR 
Kuo A (1167) London ALCR ALSM 
Kurdy A (5364) London ALCR ALSM 
Kwiatkowska A (3523) Hastings ALSM 
Kwiatkowski S (4527) York ALSM 
Kyprianou A (5032) Nicosia ALCR 
Kyriacou G (5421) Nicosia ALSM 
Kyriakides A (5462) Limassol ALCR 

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Credit abbreviation key

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TIBR Business Reporting
ALCS Case study
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