Credit list - N

Professional Level - June 2017

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Please note that candidates who have passed Financial Accounting and reporting before March 2017 will show credits for plfi, plfg and plfr. We are sorry for any confusion this may cause. This will be rectified next week and republished.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Nadkarni T (1058) London PLAA PLFI 
Nafis M.F (4006) Sharjah PLFI 
Nahaboo-Solim M (5985) Port Louis PLAA PLFI 
Naidu A (4121) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Naik J (6678) London PLAA plbs plfg plfi pltc plfr 
Nainani N (3006) London plaa PLFI PLTC plfm 
Najran K (4667) Southall plaa plfg plfi PLFM plfr 
Nancarrow E (1452) London plaa PLBT plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Nanda P.K (6518) Kuala Lumpur plaa PLFI pltc 
Narang A (2346) Manchester plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 
Narasimhan R (6176) London plaa PLBS plfg plfi pltc plfr 
Narula J (2910) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Nash J (3462) London plaa PLBS plfg plfi pltc plfr 
Naughton P (2821) Warrington PLFI 
Nayab A (2698) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Nayee A (3691) London plaa PLBT plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Naylor J (5403) Stockport PLAA PLFI 
Naylor-Osborne S (1549) Dorking plaa plbs plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Nazif S (3609) Reading PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Ndzi N (5812) London PLBT plfg plfi pltc plfr 
Neal J (4180) London plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Neary J (3403) London PLFI PLTC 
Neil M (6032) Leamington Spa PLFI 
Neill W (3557) Bishop's Stortford PLFG 
Neller A (4280) Chesterfield PLFG PLAA 
Nelson T (5226) London plaa PLBT plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Neo Y.M (5201) Singapore PLFI 
Neoh J.G (1401) London PLAA PLFI 
Newell O (4306) Birmingham plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Newman D (4336) Kings Langley PLAA 
Newman J (4185) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Newman L (3060) Chester plaa PLTC 
Newman M (4722) Maidstone PLBS PLBT plfg plfi pltc plfr 
Newport E (4012) Canterbury PLAA PLFI 
Ng A (1250) Cambridge PLTC 
Ng A.Z.X (5319) Subang Jaya PLAA plfg plfi PLFM plfr 
Ng C.C (5186) Johor Bahru plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Ng C.C (4785) Kuala Lumpur plaa plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Ng C.Y (5133) Sungai Petani plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Ng Foong Po A (6620) Port Louis plaa plbs plfg plfi PLFM plfr 
Ng J (3414) Liverpool plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Ng K.H (5232) Cheras PLAA plfg plfi PLFM plfr 
Ng L.M (6016) Subang PLFM 
Ng L.P (6398) Bukit Mertajam PLAA 
Ng M (5301) Batu Caves plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Ng S (4010) London PLAA PLFG 
Ng S.B (5339) Kuala Terengganu PLAA plfg plfi PLFM plfr 
Ng S.M.L (4946) Kuala Lumpur plaa PLFI 
Ng Tian Zhi J (6103) Subang Jaya plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Ng W (6458) Petaling Jaya PLFI 
Ng W.Y (5134) Seri Kembangan plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm plfr 
Ng X.Q (6064) Petaling Jaya PLAA plfg plfi plfr 
Ng Y (5904) Kuala Lumpur PLAA 
Ngai C.L.C (1028) London plaa PLBT plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Ngan T.C (3988) Reading PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Nghiem M (1282) Reading PLAA PLFI 
Nguyen D.H (2388) Birmingham PLFI 
Nguyen K (2370) Bristol PLAA PLFI 
Nguyen Q.K (4303) Singapore plbs PLFI 
Nguyen T (1162) St. Albans PLAA PLFI 
Nicholas A (1322) London PLAA PLFI 
Nicholls K (4443) London plaa plbs plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Nichols C (5109) Newcastle Upon Tyne plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 
Nicholson E (1418) London PLAA PLFI 
Nicholson P (4066) London plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 
Nie Z.B (1495) London PLFI PLAA 
Nifton L (2527) Chatham plaa PLTC 
Nikolic M (2833) London plaa PLBT plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Nishad W (1998) London PLAA plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Niu L (4795) Shandong plaa PLBT plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Nixon E (1666) Cardiff PLAA PLFI 
Njie S (5900) Bromley plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Nkaki T (7023) Gaborone PLFI 
Noble I (2356) Staverton PLAA PLFG 
Noonan J.P (1241) Isle Of Man plaa plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Noor Faadi N (6536) Kampung Kepayang PLAA plfg plfi PLFM plfr 
Norris A (7139) Worthing plaa plbt PLFM pltc 
Nqai M (2819) London PLAA plbs plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Ntlhe C.L (7069) Thamaga plaa PLFI 
Nubee H.Y.A (6148) Port Louis plaa plbs plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Nugent-Doyle J (1038) Newcastle Upon Tyne PLAA PLFI 
Nunn A (1966) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Nur Zakri N.A.B (2970) London plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 
Nwobodo P (1749) Birmingham PLAA PLFI 

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Credit abbreviation key

PLAA Audit and Assurance
PLBS Business Strategy
PLFR Financial Accounting and Reporting
PLFM Financial Management
PLBT Business Planning: Taxation
PLTC Tax Compliance
PLBB Business Planning: Banking
PLBI Business Planning: Insurance
PLFG Financial Accounting and Reporting - UK GAAP
PLFI Financial Accounting and Reporting - IFRS