Credit list - V

Professional Level - June 2017

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Please note that candidates who have passed Financial Accounting and reporting before March 2017 will show credits for plfi, plfg and plfr. We are sorry for any confusion this may cause. This will be rectified next week and republished.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Vaiyata M (1409) London PLAA PLFG PLTC 
Valentine A (2031) London plaa PLBB plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Valentine A (3247) Surrey PLFI 
Valovicova D (5612) London PLAA PLFI 
Van Klaveren E (1504) Cardiff PLAA PLFI 
Van M (6821) Jersey PLAA PLFI 
Van Riel H (4241) London plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Vancheri D (1791) Bristol PLAA PLFI 
Vardalia A.R (4880) London PLAA 
Vasanthakumar R (4426) London PLFI 
Vasey E (2772) Newcastle Upon Tyne plaa plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Vaughan T (3832) London PLTC PLAA PLFI 
Vazquez V (2435) Norwich PLFG PLTC 
Venayak A (2490) Durham plaa PLFI 
Ventham R (1507) Basingstoke plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 
Venting G (4992) Sheffield PLAA plfg plfi plfr 
Verity A (2515) Wokingham PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Verma R (2421) Liverpool plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Verschueren P (2305) Isle Of Man plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLFM pltc plfr 
Verspyck N (5274) London PLAA PLFI 
Vesperinas L (3009) Manchester plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 
Vickers R (5662) Leatherhead plaa PLBS plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Victor E (3445) Slough plaa plfg plfi plfm PLTC plfr 
Vijaya R (6165) Beau Bassin PLAA 
Vijendran T (7205) London PLAA 
Virdi R (6036) London plaa plfg plfi PLTC plfr 
Vitkova I (4205) Reading PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Von Carlshausen R (2065) Uxbridge PLAA 
Voon J.P (5191) Ipoh plaa PLBS plfg plfi plfm pltc plfr 
Vrachniari M (4993) Athens PLFI 
Vu J (3753) Brighton plaa plfg plfi PLFM PLTC plfr 

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Credit abbreviation key

PLAA Audit and Assurance
PLBS Business Strategy
PLFR Financial Accounting and Reporting
PLFM Financial Management
PLBT Business Planning: Taxation
PLTC Tax Compliance
PLBB Business Planning: Banking
PLBI Business Planning: Insurance
PLFG Financial Accounting and Reporting - UK GAAP
PLFI Financial Accounting and Reporting - IFRS