Pass list - I

Advanced Stage, Advanced Level - July 2017

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the examination requirements for the Advanced Examinations. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

The Pass list will be published in the Financial Times on 12 October 2017.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Iacovides E (4199) Nicosia
Iacovides E (5239) Nicosia
Iacovides L (5558) Nicosia
Iacovou C (2211) Nicosia
Iftikhar H (2376) Birmingham
Iliffe Z (1144) Market Harborough
Inder M.Y (4059) Phoenix
Ingham R (3587) Manchester
Innocent R (4231) Brentwood
Inwood A (2932) Wakefield
Ioannou M (3281) Nicosia
Iqbal A (4435) Peshawar
Iqbal O (5319) Birmingham
Iqbal S (4462) Harrow
Irmis J (1222) Woodbridge
Isaac D (2785) Birmingham
Isayama Y (4136) St. Albans
Islam H (5146) London
Ives M (1090) Fareham

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