Pass list - N

Advanced Stage, Advanced Level - July 2017

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the examination requirements for the Advanced Examinations. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

The Pass list will be published in the Financial Times on 12 October 2017.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Nadeem F (3830) London
Naeem H (2997) Ilford
Nandra A (2106) Birmingham
Napaul A (3906) London
Narayanan S (3190) London
Narayanswamy J (3518) Wokingham
Narvekar N (2939) London
Naskani M.A (5532) Karachi
Nassur N (3306) Dubai
Naylor R (1313) Sheffield
Naylor S (2582) Newton-Le-Willows
Nazareth C (1845) London
Needham W (4227) Nottingham
Nelken L (3584) Pinner
Nelson R (1307) Derby
Neophytou D (3553) Paphos
Nerurkar S (3685) Dubai
Neve H (1468) Spalding
Nevin O (2752) London
Ng A.K.M (3491) Petaling Jaya
Ng B.Y (4474) Kuala Lumpur
Ng M.L (2759) London
Ng P.X (4679) Petaling Jaya
Nguyenova L (1526) Leeds
Nhuyen L (1494) London
Nicholas D (1171) London
Nicholson A (3641) London
Nicholson E (1621) Bristol
Nicholson J (1076) St. Helens
Nicholson R (5345) London
Nicholson S (2112) York
Nicolov N (4897) Sofia
Nkile T (4599) Gaborone
Noonan T (4714) London
Norkute L (3576) Lincoln
Norman M (1162) London
Notman S (1070) Leeds
Nott A (3560) Shefford
Nuccio G (2783) London

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