Credit list - B

Advanced Level - July 2018

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Bachtis K (4810) Athens ALCR 
Badhan B (1224) Bristol ALCR ALSM 
Badman J (4177) London ALCR ALSM 
Bagwell J (2876) Wells ALCR ALSM 
Bailey O (1430) Liverpool ALCR ALSM 
Bailey T (2334) London ALCR ALSM 
Baker O (2820) Gillingham ALSM 
Bal M (4046) London ALCR ALSM 
Ballard C (2080) London ALCR ALSM 
Bannister J.G (4426) Sleaford ALCR ALSM 
Barakzai F (4022) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Barei O.B (4469) Gaborone alcr ALSM 
Bari S (4621) London ALCR ALSM 
Barnard J (4587) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Barnes L (3712) London ALCR ALSM 
Barney A (1025) Farnham ALCS ALSM 
Barrow J (1225) Epsom ALCR 
Barry J (3353) Ashford ALCR 
Bartlett G (4106) Chesham ALCR ALSM 
Baziotis A (5266) Athens ALCR 
Beach B (3220) London ALCR ALSM 
Beckwith K (2148) London ALCR ALSM 
Beh Z.X (4408) Kuala Lumpur ALCR 
Bell C.P (4792) Limassol ALCR 
Bell D (1114) Nottingham ALCR ALSM 
Bennett A (2889) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Bennett E (1335) Wokingham ALCR 
Ben-Smith A (1112) Swindon ALCR ALSM 
Bentman L (1614) Richmond ALCR alcs 
Berry E (2275) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Bhatia R (4152) Dubai ALCR 
Bhatti G (5738) Lahore ALCR 
Bhuee T (5201) Milton Keynes alcr ALCS 
Bilal H (4335) Karachi ALSM 
Bingham E (2286) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Birchall L (4461) Preston ALCR ALSM 
Bird J (4301) Leeds ALCR ALSM 
Bishi O (4199) London ALCR ALSM 
Bismillah M (4405) London ALCR ALSM 
Bissonauth N (5850) Reduit ALSM 
Blackburn N (1261) London ALCR ALSM 
Bleaken M (5561) London alcr ALCS alsm 
Bliss J (2069) London ALCR ALSM 
Bloom J (2104) London ALCR 
Bond S (1398) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Bonner J (4977) London ALCR ALSM 
Booth S (5311) Richmond ALSM 
Borhani A (3837) London ALCR ALSM 
Botha K (5316) London ALCR ALSM 
Botha T (4190) London ALCR ALSM 
Boult H (1460) London ALCR ALSM 
Bowery K (1760) Newcastle Upon Tyne ALCR ALSM 
Bowring P (5003) Belfast ALSM 
Bradbury C (5009) London ALCR ALSM 
Bradfield P (4961) London ALSM 
Bradshaw J (1901) London ALCR ALSM 
Braha J (4477) Westcliff-On-Sea ALCR ALSM 
Bramley A (4608) Pontefract ALCR ALSM 
Bray J (4406) Ilkley ALCR 
Bray R (3668) London ALCR ALSM 
Brazier T (4249) London ALCR ALSM 
Brennan S (1455) London ALCR ALCS 
Brooke J (3919) London ALCR ALSM 
Brookes M (2390) Cheltenham alcr ALSM 
Brown G (2755) London ALCR ALSM 
Brown J (3615) London ALCR ALSM 
Brown P (2155) Leeds ALCR ALSM 
Brownlee H (4705) Ossett ALCR ALSM 
Brunner G (3202) High Wycombe ALSM 
Bucktowonsing V.E (5639) Ebene alcr ALCS 
Bungard J (4117) Chesham ALCR ALCS ALSM 
Burden M (4010) Southampton ALCR ALSM 
Burling M (3977) London ALCR ALSM 
Burnell T (4307) Aldershot ALCR 
Butcher J (5857) Ipswich ALSM 
Butler A (5393) Preston ALCR ALSM 
Butler O (4130) Kidderminster ALCR alsm 
Butt A (4718) London ALCR ALSM 
Butt S (5696) Karachi ALCR 

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Credit abbreviation key

ALCR Corporate Reporting
ALSM Strategic Business Management
ALCS Case study