Credit list - C

Advanced Level - July 2018

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Cadogan S (4104) London ALCR ALSM 
Cadwallader J (2040) Holt ALCR alsm 
Cai H (2115) London ALCR ALSM 
Callaghan M (4956) Liverpool ALCR ALSM 
Callaway M (3746) London ALCR ALSM 
Campbell E (4653) Witney alcr ALCS 
Cao L (5609) London ALCR ALSM 
Caplan R (5470) London ALCR 
Carr J (4392) Chesterfield ALCR ALSM 
Casey A (4437) Manchester ALCR 
Cash J (4098) London ALCR ALSM 
Cassidy E (3610) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Castellano A (1377) Milton Keynes ALCR ALSM 
Chamberlain D (2421) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Chamberlain O (3229) Keighley alcr ALSM 
Chamberlain S (5000) London ALCR ALSM 
Chan Fong S (1031) Weybridge ALCR ALSM 
Chan Y.A (5133) Singapore ALCR ALSM 
Chang J.H (4206) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Chao B (4282) Bristol ALCR 
Chaplin S (1886) London ALCR ALSM 
Charilaou C (4923) Nicosia ALCR 
Charleston A (4157) London ALCR ALSM 
Chatziantoniou N (5382) Limassol ALCR 
Chatzicharou G (4756) Nicosia ALSM 
Chatzitheori C (5205) Nicosia ALCR 
Chee H.J (4838) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Chee S.S.M (4656) Kuala Lumpur ALCR 
Cheong K.W (4388) Kuala Lumpur ALCR 
Cheverton S (1360) Chatham ALCR ALSM 
Chia W.K (4047) Kuala Lumpur ALSM 
Chin V.C (4035) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Chiu U.W.V (5410) Hong Kong ALSM 
Chmielewski A (3929) London ALCR ALSM 
Ch'ng Z.L (1084) Petaling Jaya ALCR ALSM 
Chong C (5318) London ALCS ALSM 
Chow L.J.E (4240) Kuala Lumpur ALSM 
Chow W (4340) London ALCR ALSM 
Christie H (2142) London ALCR ALSM 
Christodoulou Z (5034) Nicosia ALCR 
Christofidi A (4762) Nicosia ALSM 
Christofidou X (4759) Nicosia ALSM 
Christoforide A (5030) Nicosia ALCR 
Chrysostomou C (5654) Nicosia ALSM 
Chua W.W (4346) Petaling Jaya ALSM 
Chudley D (1842) Leeds ALCR ALSM 
Chung P.S (4049) Singapore ALCR ALSM 
Clark E (1713) Great Missenden ALSM 
Clark T (4548) Newport alcr ALCS 
Clarke J (4354) Sidcup ALCR ALSM 
Clarke S (4237) London ALCR ALSM 
Cleary J (1443) Cranbrook ALCR 
Coates M (3042) London ALCR ALSM 
Cochrane B (1255) Sheffield ALCR ALSM 
Coffey N (5828) Lincoln ALSM 
Cohen T (4570) Harrow ALCR 
Coker A (1491) London ALCR ALSM 
Cole H (1560) Staverton ALCR ALSM 
Coleman B (4539) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Connaughton D (5604) Sutton ALCR ALSM 
Constantinou A (5002) Nicosia ALCR 
Constantinou E (4223) Limassol ALCR 
Cooke M (4129) London ALCR ALSM 
Cooper D (3770) London ALCR ALSM 
Cooper V (4171) London ALCR ALSM 
Copland N (2349) Northallerton ALCR ALSM 
Coppen L (3779) Ipswich alcr ALSM 
Corby M (1317) Leicester ALCR ALSM 
Corlett A (4894) London ALCR ALSM 
Cottington P (5638) Farnham ALCR ALSM 
Cranenburgh R (3898) London ALCR ALSM 
Crawley N (1840) Leeds ALCR ALSM 
Creamore A (1963) Isle Of Man ALCR ALSM 
Cree P (3621) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Creedy Smith F (2067) London ALCR ALSM 
Cribb J (5062) Doncaster ALSM 
Crist A (3671) Bristol ALCR ALSM 
Crump-Haill A (4221) London ALSM 
Curran J (2623) London ALCR ALSM 
Custance G (3864) London ALCR ALSM 

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Credit abbreviation key

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ALSM Strategic Business Management
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