Credit list - J

Professional Level - September 2018

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Jackson C (2793) Birmingham PLAA PLFI 
Jackson E (4339) Liverpool plfi plfm PLST pltc 
Jackson H (3779) Manchester PLBT plfi pltc 
James C (4505) Leicester plaa plfg plfm PLST pltc 
James J (2449) Crawley plaa PLBT plfi PLTC 
James S (2327) Preston PLAA PLFI 
James T (2580) Liverpool PLAA PLFI 
Jamieson J (1171) Kettering plaa PLST pltc 
Janenthirarajah D (1262) Swindon PLAA 
Jang J (3466) Crawley plaa PLFI 
Jashapara N (2515) London PLAA PLFI 
Javed Q (1634) Birmingham plaa PLBB plfi PLTC 
Jayaseelan J (2980) Klang plaa plfi plfm PLST pltc 
Jayaweera Aratchi D (2624) Singapore plaa PLFI 
Jeffery W (2849) Leeds PLTC 
Jefford M (5478) Leeds plaa PLBT plfi pltc 
Jelly L (2536) Woking plaa PLFI pltc 
Jenkins A (2950) London plfm plst PLTC plaa plfi 
Jenkins H (3815) Manchester PLFI PLST PLTC 
Jephcote G (5350) Tonbridge plaa PLFM plst pltc 
Jeyachandran N (2014) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Jiang Y (5261) Singapore plfi PLFM 
Jinks E (3630) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Johnson A (2702) Jersey PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Johnson F (1019) Bristol PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Johnson H (2825) Blackburn plaa PLST pltc 
Johnson J (4660) Preston plaa PLBT plfi PLST pltc 
Johnson S (2538) London PLAA PLFI 
Johnson S (5642) London plaa PLBT plfi PLTC 
Johnson T (3340) Nottingham plaa PLFG PLTC 
Johnston J (1349) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Johnston M (5496) Windsor plaa plfi PLFM plst 
Johnstone R (3441) Fareham PLFM pltc 
Jolliffe N (5289) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Jolly S (1350) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Jones A (1334) London PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Jones D (3119) Liverpool plfi PLFM 
Jones H (1165) Birmingham PLBB plfi PLTC plaa 
Jones H (3938) Manchester plaa PLFI pltc 
Jones I (3150) Exeter PLAA PLFG 
Jones J (2352) London PLFI PLTC PLAA 
Jones L (2623) Birmingham PLAA PLFI PLTC 
Jones M (1333) Maldon plaa plfi PLFM PLTC 
Jones R (3775) Cardiff plaa PLBT plfi pltc 
Joshi A (3582) London plaa PLBT plfi pltc 
Joshi L (5345) London PLFI plfm pltc 
Jowett S (2787) London plaa plfi PLFM 
Joyner C (2448) Crawley plaa PLBT plfi 
Jumaa N (2141) Newcastle Upon Tyne plaa plfi PLFM PLTC 
Juzonis L (4570) London PLAA plfi plst PLTC 

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Credit abbreviation key

PLAA Audit and Assurance
PLFR Financial Accounting and Reporting
PLFM Financial Management
PLBT Business Planning: Taxation
PLTC Tax Compliance
PLBB Business Planning: Banking
PLBI Business Planning: Insurance
PLFG Financial Accounting and Reporting - UK GAAP
PLFI Financial Accounting and Reporting - IFRS
PLST Business Strategy and Technology