Credit list - N

Advanced Level - July 2018

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Naidu A (4002) London ALCR ALSM 
Naik J (4853) Crawley ALCR ALSM 
Nasim A (5859) Uxbridge ALCR ALSM 
Naylor H (1038) Swindon ALSM 
Neary J (4527) London ALSM 
Nelson T (5023) London ALCR ALSM 
Neow K.J (4382) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Ng C.C (2857) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Ng C.J (1226) Petaling Jaya ALCR ALSM 
Ng C.Y (4542) Johor Bahru ALCR 
Ng S.H (4357) Kuala Lumpur ALCR alsm 
Ngan T.C (2476) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Nguyen A.D (4436) London ALCR ALSM 
Nicholls D (3080) Cardiff ALCR ALSM 
Nichols C (5039) Newcastle Upon Tyne ALCR ALSM 
Nicolaou M (5348) Nicosia ALSM 
Nield J (5605) Kettering ALCS ALSM 
Nikitina E (4039) Watford ALCR ALSM 
Nishad W (1389) London ALCR ALSM 
Novoseltseva M (4636) Nicosia ALCR 
Ntoumpovik O (4156) Nicosia ALSM 
Nugent B (4980) London ALCR ALSM 

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Credit abbreviation key

ALCR Corporate Reporting
ALSM Strategic Business Management
ALCS Case study