Credit list - W

Advanced Level - July 2018

At this session the candidates listed below have obtained credits for the subjects shown in capital letters against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

The credit abbreviation key is available at the bottom of the page.

Name (Candidate number) Town Credits
Wade A (5456) London ALCR ALSM 
Walker T (1601) London ALCR ALSM 
Walker W (1937) Liverpool ALSM 
Wallace C (1863) Cambridge ALCR ALSM 
Walmsley-Mountford A (2031) London ALCR ALSM 
Walsh J (5538) Birmingham ALSM 
Warman J (2752) London ALCR ALSM 
Wasif U (4858) Karachi ALSM 
Watkins L (4637) Southampton ALCR 
Watson C (3104) London alcr ALSM 
Watts A (1621) Cambridge ALCR ALSM 
Weare H (3529) Bristol ALCR ALSM 
Webb G (5234) Dubai ALCR 
Webster T (4261) Liverpool ALCR ALSM 
Webster V (2647) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Weeks S (2191) London ALCR ALSM 
Wells A (4032) London ALCR ALSM 
Wells T (1091) Carmarthen ALCR ALSM 
Westmoreland A (1599) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
White R (3902) London ALCR ALSM 
Whitefield A (4473) Ipswich ALCR ALSM 
Whittaker K (4285) Leeds ALCR alsm 
Wijayasiri L (5848) Birmingham ALSM 
Wilcock N (4251) Ellesmere Port ALSM 
Willcox C (1401) Chippenham ALCR ALSM 
Williams F (1526) Caernarfon ALCR 
Williams G (4099) Tunbridge Wells alcr ALSM 
Williams G.O (5402) Pwllheli ALSM 
Williams J (1431) Staverton ALCR ALSM 
Williams R (1534) Southampton ALCR ALSM 
Williams S (4097) London ALCR ALSM 
Williamson J (4644) Isle Of Man ALCR ALSM 
Willis C (1523) Southampton ALCR ALSM 
Wilson C (3773) Wickford ALCR ALSM 
Wilson J (4118) London ALCR ALSM 
Winchester D (5424) Wickford ALCR ALSM 
Windebank L (5308) London ALCR ALSM 
Wing S (1825) Cranbrook ALCR 
Winter J (1551) Plymouth ALCR ALSM 
Wiseman A (1769) Nottingham ALCR ALSM 
Woe C (1355) Reading ALCR ALSM 
Wolf R (1875) London ALCR ALSM 
Wolinsky D (2331) London ALCR ALSM 
Wong A (1423) London ALCR ALSM 
Wong C.H (4113) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Wong C.Y (5735) Petaling Jaya alcr ALSM 
Wong H.K.D (1251) Birmingham ALCR ALSM 
Wong J.W (5055) Kuala Lumpur ALCR ALSM 
Wood J (5102) London ALCR 
Woodgate L (4011) Southampton ALCR ALSM 
Woolnough C (5265) London ALSM 
Worrall N (2075) London ALCR ALSM 
Worswick L (3565) Manchester ALCR ALSM 
Wren M (1474) Liverpool ALCR 
Wright K (3916) London ALCR ALSM 
Wright N (3531) London ALCR ALSM 
Wu Y (4885) Bristol ALCR 
Wynne C (3992) Liverpool ALCR ALSM 

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