Pass list - A

Professional Level - December 2018

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the Professional Level requirements. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Abimbowo M (3911) London
Adams J (6349) Emsworth
Agass S (1293) London
Agathocleous C (4185) Nicosia
Ager G (2833) Woodbridge
Aggarwal N (4145) Coventry
Ahern D (5239) London
Ahmad H (1797) London
Ahmed S (4373) Ilford
Ai X (1337) London
Aisthorpe G (4488) Farnham
Aldridge N (5389) London
Alee L (3051) Tidworth
Alexandrou L (4782) Nicosia
Alger J (1933) Great Yarmouth
Aliu T (2139) Reading
Aliyar B (3592) Aldershot
Allan C (3100) Southampton
Allbrook K (2047) Walton-On-Thames
Allin S (2798) Sheffield
Al-Munir M (5702) London
Alonge O (1800) London
Al-Qutayri L (6586) Manchester
Amess M (6938) Eastleigh
Andradi-Brown T (1601) Sevenoaks
Andreou P (4759) Larnaca
Andrews A (3630) Braintree
Angelou D (3613) Athens
Annis R (2193) Kingston Upon Thames
Anthony T (1718) London
Antoniou C (4339) Nicosia
Antoniou M (5649) Nicosia
Archer G (2786) Salford
Aristidou F (4074) Nicosia
Aristokleous V (5168) Nicosia
Ashbee B (3184) Alton
Ashe S (1644) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ashworth I (2188) Guernsey
Asirwatham D (1586) Wallington
Askins J (1261) York
Athanasiou E (5878) Sotira Ammochostos
Atkinson C (7198) Hull
Atkinson G (2402) Bedford
Atkinson L (3273) Isle Of Man
Atzini G (5520) Limassol
Austin J (5303) Bedford
Austin T (5674) Birmingham
Avery B (4070) Cambridge
Awalan N.A (4735) Shah Alam

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