Pass list - A

Professional Level - December 2019

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the Professional Level requirements. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Abraham T (3359) Pinner
Abrahams J (3797) London
Achilleos M (6477) Larnaca
Ackroyd L (1692) Halifax
Adair L (4351) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Adcock J (2590) London
Ahmad R (6721) Esher
Ahmed M.S (3491) London
Ahmed N (3371) Romford
Ahmed R (3911) New Malden
Ahmed U (1192) London
Aimable B (2580) Falmouth
Aitken B (1121) Coulsdon
Al Hoque S (3465) London
Al Jabbar H (2515) New Malden
Alam N (1944) Sheffield
Alexander C (4739) Ipswich
Alexander C (6366) Smiths
Alexander O (1369) West Wickham
Ali K.S (1488) Manchester
Ali Z (4093) London
Ali Z (2992) London
Allen C (1176) Sheffield
Allen J (2683) London
Allen K (2122) London
Allpass G (1519) Marlow
Alvarez- Ashman E (4867) Wellingborough
Amponsah F (1247) Birmingham
An Y (1045) Morden
Anderson B (1089) Cromer
Anderson L (5907) London
Anderson R (2343) Redhill
Anderson V (1417) Stratford-Upon-Avon
Andreou M (7193) Larnaca
Andreu Ros S (6541) Brighton
Andronic D (2776) London
Anthoney T (6991) Wadebridge
Archontides E (6799) Nicosia
Argyridou C (4711) Latsia
Armstead B (1828) Bridgwater
Ash A (4692) Bromley
Ashley Bach R (7223) Maidenhead
Ashman A (2104) Birmingham
Ashworth H (3711) London
Assanah N.A.B (6083) Sungai Buloh
Ataliani M (3754) Birmingham
Aujla J (1053) Milton Keynes
Ayres D (1638) London
Azam M.A.R (6400) Romford

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