Pass list - B

Professional Level - September 2018

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the Professional Level examination requirements. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Barby E (4609) London
Beaney J (3764) Chalfont St. Giles
Beddows E (1515) Kettering
Bell R (1029) Cambridge
Benjamin J (5614) Wembley
Bennett E (3501) Olney
Bernard-John E (2174) Plymouth
Berry J (2745) Manchester
Bhupendar Singh S.S (4675) London
Black C (3291) Leatherhead
Blair K (3916) London
Blessed G (3983) Nottingham
Boey S (3060) Kulim
Bone E (3573) Sandy
Boorman R (2605) West Malling
Boulton H (3477) London
Bradley J (3296) Emsworth
Braithwaite J (3740) Rossendale
Brewer H (4117) Jersey
Bridge P (2400) London
Brooks R (4391) Northwood
Brown T (2107) Pulborough
Buckingham A (1797) Halesowen
Bullimore S (3175) Guildford
Bungard J (4768) Chesham
Burgess H (3685) London
Burrows D (4711) Blackburn
Burton J (2219) Birmingham
Bushell G (2713) Harpenden
Butler P (4048) Glasgow

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