Pass list - D

Advanced Level - July 2018

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the Advanced examination requirements. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Dalton M (1321) Farnham
Dalton R (3356) Spalding
Dang Z.F (2326) Kuala Lumpur
Daniels J (5171) Leeds
Daniels M (2151) Bristol
Darby A (5606) London
Darke A (3596) London
Das A (4101) London
Das K (2716) London
Daughtrey R (2965) Bristol
Daveney J (4974) Welwyn Garden City
Davidson A (1416) Bristol
Davis C (2645) Douglas
Davison F (3335) York
Dawes M (2451) Hitchin
Dawood M (2227) London
Dawson A (3063) London
Dawson A (2070) Sevenoaks
Deeley L (3560) Halesowen
Deng H (3882) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Devine D (2919) Bootle
Dharamsi Z (5322) West Molesey
Dhayatker N (2796) Hayes
Dheere A (3620) London
Diamant G (4215) London
Diller C (4910) Ashford
Dillon L (1151) Wallingford
Dimmock M (5834) Northampton
Dirks C (1381) Southampton
Ditu A (2842) London
Diver M (1902) Newmarket
Dodd J (1487) London
Dodd L (1739) Northwich
Dolbear J (3326) London
Donaldson A (5515) Sheffield
Donnelly J (4250) Belfast
Dowinton C (5021) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Dowler G (1082) Wallington
Downes T (1870) Bristol
Downs C (1179) Chorley
Drever P (4918) Doncaster
Drewery S (1210) Westcliff-On-Sea
Drinkeld J (5450) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Driver C (1986) Scunthorpe
Duffy E (1855) Hornchurch
Duke F (3171) Chelmsford
Dumper L (1223) West Wickham
Dunsdon A (2126) Romford
Durst L (2739) London
Dykes J (2506) Bridgend

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