Pass list - L

Professional Level - December 2018

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the Professional Level requirements. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Laband A (4122) London
Lai E.G (1083) Ipoh
Lai K (1673) London
Lakshmanan A (1044) Milton Keynes
Lamaris S (6597) Limassol
Lambrenos D (1217) Liverpool
Lamburn L (1492) London
Lammas C (1311) Droitwich
Lancaster T (5772) London
Lanes A (4870) London
Lastas L (1656) London
Lau K.G (1787) Sleaford
Lavithis C (4807) Nicosia
Lavrishchev V (1795) London
Lawrence N (3584) Pinner
Leaver D (1288) Cambridge
Lee H.Y (5334) Bristol
Lee M (1267) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Lee T (4043) Singapore
Lee Z.X (5149) Petaling Jaya
Lees E (1007) Wirral
Lees J (5391) London
Le-Huray Baker A (3437) Ringwood
Leigh T (6336) Nottingham
Leighton A (1032) St. Neots
Leitch J (5896) Forest Row
Lennon D (1438) Sutton
Levick K (2049) Farnham
Lewis D (1824) Cheltenham
Lewis E (1423) London
Lewis M (6449) London
Li L.R (2357) Puchong
Liang S (1908) London
Light K (5934) Maida Vale
Lilley S (1665) Mansfield
Lim S.Y (4083) Klang
Lim W.N (6957) Singapore
Lin Y.M (6520) Singapore
Lin Z.S (3669) Johor Bahru
Lindsay L (1560) Cramlington
Littlewood C (4768) Barnsley
Loftus J (5735) Rickmansworth
Loh C.L (1069) Rawang
Loke J.S (2945) Ipoh
Lorimer S (1901) Shifnal
Loukaidou I (5944) Nicosia
Low A (1792) Wantage
Low H.Y (3608) Kuala Lumpur
Low J (4599) London
Low S.H (5306) Melaka
Lucken F (1722) Saltash
Lum Y.F.J (1152) Kuala Lumpur
Lyons R (3436) Rushden

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