Pass list - W

Professional Level - December 2018

As a result of this examination session, the following students have now met all the Professional Level requirements. Candidates' unique identification numbers for this session are the four-figure numbers shown.

Only students who opted to appear on this list are shown below.

Name (Candidate number) Town
Wadsworth J (4228) Middlesbrough
Walker A (4275) London
Walker N (2505) London
Walker Smith H (2769) Cirencester
Wall C (4146) Birmingham
Wallace D (4421) London
Walsh J (4952) London
Wan Shahriman W.A (6150) Subang Jaya
Wang A (2736) London
Wang Z (5335) London
Wareham A (1504) Christchurch
Warnes M (1932) Norwich
Warrington E (4418) Sheffield
Watson J (4304) Redditch
Watt I (1199) Stone
Webb M (3517) Beverley
Welbourne K (1628) Grantham
Wenham S (3233) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Weston E (3735) London
White A (1240) Southam
Widdowson D (1105) Cambridge
Wilkes L (1118) Cambridge
Wilkinson M (5328) Mirfield
Williams M (6394) Seaford
Williams T (2740) Newcastle Upon Tyne
Wilson D (5235) Barnsley
Wilson L (2242) Manchester
Wilson S (1369) Liverpool
Wingfield T (3549) London
Winser N (1117) Liverpool
Winter C (2996) London
Winterbourn C (3251) Cardiff
Wiskar A (1121) Canterbury
Wogan S (1096) Bracknell
Wong H.T (2942) Cheras
Wong J (6039) Chichester
Wood H (3107) Banbury
Woodrow M (2774) Burgess Hill
Woods A (5962) Cardiff
Woolman H (4491) London
Wootton A (2873) Thatcham
Wrench J (1822) Todmorden
Wu T (2046) Milton Keynes
Wu Y (5344) London
Wynne-Griffith J (2781) London
Wyse E (4531) London

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